Windfarm projects 2017.

Ongoing projectmanagement and Towmastering various projects.

Towmaster: Dec 2016 / March 2017.

FPSO Cidade dos Campos de Coytecazes was delivered in Dalian in december 2016, after which she was towed all around the world, via stops at Okinawa (sheltering for a Taifoon), Singapore, Cape Town and finally delivered in the BrasFels dock in Angro dos Reis in the first week of March 2017.

Client representative: Aug / Sept 2016.

The Nord Sea platform Yme was decommissioned, lifted and landed for scrapping.

Mooring Master: april-may 2016.

In the 2000 meter water depth pre-salt basin offshore Rio the latest edition to the fleet of FPSO's, Cidade de Saquarema, has been installed.

Towmaster: August 2015.

Dolwin B, German Bight, North Sea. The Dolwin B HDAC transformer platform is the main connecting point for wind farms and the German shore. This platform of 100x80x100 meters was installed after a 3 days tow from Norway where it was outfitted.

Towmaster Malampaya phase 2 project: February 2015.

The Malampaya DCP gas compression unit is build in the Philippines and was towed and installed in the field in 28 meters of water with a maximum offset of 70 cms using two anchors and two AHT's.

Towmaster HRD topside floatover: January 2015.

The HRD topside, loaded in Vietnam, was transported to Mumbay High Oil field late december 2014 and after preparations installed by float over on its jacket in January 2015. The operation was succesfully performed by the float over vessel and two 80 ton Bollard pull anchor handling tugs.

Towmaster Izmit Bay bridge Installation: Sept 2013 / March 2014.

End 2013 the two caissons for the Izmit bay Bridge were launched, towed and wet docked in the Marmara Sea for the finishing building of these caissons. Early 2013 the finished caissons were towed, anchored and landed onto the seabed in position, well within the 20cm bulls-eye. The installation of the caissons was the beginning of the building of the world's 4th longest suspension bridge.